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My Story

As a busy stylist of 18 years, I was frustrated to not have products that seemed to actually help my client’s hair and scalp issues. My stay at home mom friend asked me to try Monat and give her my opinion. I quickly became obsessed!

Being a breast cancer survivor,

I had removed as many chemicals from my life as I could, except for where my career was concerned. Little did I know the products from the beauty supply store are full of waxes and parabens as well as other harmful chemicals. On top of Monat products working amazingly, they are naturally based, vegan and anti-aging.


Products I Am Currently Loving!

Rejuveniqe oil

a blend of 13+ essential oils that is made to mimic our bodies’ natural oil. It is able to strengthen and nourish our scalp and hair strands, feeding them the nutrients they need while healing from the inside out.

MONAT Studio One™ Dry Texturizing Spray.jpeg
The Champ Dry Shampoo

a talc free, rice starch based dry shampoo. It absorbs oil and stretches out your wash days while adding volume. Free from harsh chemicals, this is one of my all time favorite products! 

IR Clinical hair thinning defense serum

a daily serum that is clinically proven to reduce hair fall and breakage by 92%. This serum contains CAPIXYL to help strengthen and densify hair while melatonin and caffeine reduces the production of hair thinning DHT.


After looking into this business

further, I realized this is the vehicle for me to be more present with my children and actually attend all of their games and be able to get paid while we are on vacation. 


I’ve been able to help my clients and countless others with hair/skin issues as well as earn extra income for groceries or private school. The list goes on and I feel beyond blessed to have run onto this opportunity! 

In my opinion,

the community is the best and most surprising part. Have you ever been a part of something where women support women, unwaveringly so? This community was something I didn’t think I needed, but is my favorite! Sidelines helping others who have become the very best of friends. This culture and the gratitude that this company shares with the community everywhere we go, is so humbling. 

Fragile Pampas

How you can join me

or snag products without paying full retail price

Joining my business means becoming a Market Partner and having the opportunity to be part of a billion dollar organization that is in a huge growth phase! With an uncapped earning potential, becoming a Market Partner has so many perks, and you can join for as little as $99USD/$129CAD

Not everyone is looking for a side hustle or secondary income, but EVERYONE wants a good discount on the best hair & skincare products! And if that's you, then...

Becoming a VIP is the best way, and the only way I let my friends & family shop! 

For a one-time fee of just $19.95USD/$24.95CAD you will get tons of perks like:

Access to naturally based anti aging hair care, skincare, body care and wellness

15% discount plus an additional 15-25% off through our purchase plus discount

Access to flash sales

Free shipping

A free product with qualifying flexships

A free gift on your birthday!

I would love to connect with you!

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